How can I be certain that you will keep my business idea confidential?

We enter into non-disclosure agreements and will never share your details with anyone else without your knowledge. You can rely on that. Bear in mind that we are often involved in projects that are still confidential in one way or another; if we were not cautious and discreet, we would quickly lose our reputation. If you still have concerns, you dont need to give us a detailed description of your plans; if you truly have a new invention or a plan that no one can be allowed to find out about, simply provide us with an outline.

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Are names guaranteed not to be reserved by anyone else?

Except in the Basic package, the names that you receive from us are carefully checked in advance. That means that, for each name idea that is developed for a project, we carry out domain and trademark checks. If a name is already in use, we will usually identify this early on. However, it may be the case that we suggest a name that already exists in a similar form; we therefore recommend that you have a lawyer look over the details before making use of the name.

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