Why do I need to pay in advance?

Flying Names service is perfectly planned from inception through to completion. After an order is placed, our team immediately starts work on the project, which naturally costs money. As such, its important for us to be sure that we will definitely get paid, as this allows us to keep a lean organization and offer our value-for-money packages.

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Which payment methods are available?

We currently support the following payment types:

  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal
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Why does a name cost so much?

In order to develop a new name, the naming team learns about your specialist area, makes use of creative techniques, and checks all name ideas against available trademarks and domain names if required. The best name ideas are then incorporated into a presentation and given a description. Only professional and experienced employees are engaged in this process. All in all, the process takes 20 or 30 hours of work, depending on the nature of the project. You can easily calculate the average hourly rate for yourself. The result is that, at the end of your process, your name is worth much more than it has cost you it should be with you for many years to come.

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The service is too expensive for me. Is there a cheaper alternative?

Yes, of course. The cheapest way is to search for a name yourself. However, you shouldnt do it without support. Use our NameRobot portal and let yourself be guided, every step of the way, through your name search and your use of the various name generators.

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