In what format will I receive the naming suggestions?

If you dont want to buy a pig in a poke, you dont have to!

Our sample presentation will give you an impression of what to expect from Flying Names. When you use our service, youll receive your naming suggestions with a visually appealing, clear presentation.

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What if I don’t like the names?

Due to the fact that you will have completed our questionnaire, and the fact that we understand our craft, youll always receive a series of suitable suggestions. We ensure that, while following your specifications, the selection of names is always as diverse as possible so that you can see the complete spectrum of options. Clearly, you will like some approaches more than others. Sometimes customers only learn to recognize what they like, or what they want to avoid, after theyve received the names. If there truly are no names that you like, the Standard and Supreme packages come with a satisfaction guarantee, which means that youll receive new suggestions after youve told us what you didnt like and how you would like us to do things differently.

The cheaper SMILE and SUPREME packages do not include an additional set of names.

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What is the satisfaction guarantee?

If there truly are no names that you like, our SUPER and SUPREME packages include a replacement set of suggestions. Perhaps youd just like to engage in a bit of fine tuning of your name or youd prefer a different approach. You can let us know exactly what youd like to be done differently and what it was that you didnt like.

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How exactly are names developed?

Our naming team consists of professional, full-time name researchers, copywriters, and marketing professionals. As well as working in a team, our staff also work on finding the perfect name individually. Depending on the project, we work in teams of two to three professionals in our offices in Munich and Solingen. We also have staff who are based in a variety of different cities and countries. Many well-known techniques, including some original, creative methods are used, all of which have a proven track record and which we can use to keep coming up with new names. We also make use of some of the tools of our NameRobot software: for instance, NameRobot is one of the most convenient ways to check a domain.

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Why does it take so long to come up with a couple of names?

Many imagine that a few people simply spend two hours brainstorming together, after which, the job is done. A professional name search is a much more involved process. Certainly, we do make use of some brainstorming sessions. However, after that, the ideas need development and refinement, and finally, all names must be checked with a view to ensuring that they are actually available. Once the process has produced enough suitable, creative, and available ideas, the best of those must be selected and prepared for the client.

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Which names has Flying Names developed for its clients?

Take a look at our portfolio, where youll find some of the selected names that we have already developed successfully.

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