How can I order a name?

Flying Names makes it easy to order name ideas, simply and conveniently, via our website. Simply choose your desired rate card here.

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How long does it take until the names are ready?

The normal duration of a name search is 15 business days from receipt of your fully completed naming questionnaire and payment. We aim to deliver within this period or possibly earlier; however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. The reason is that our quality standards are high and some naming projects need more time due to the special topic, the requirements or a large number of opposing registered trademarks that we find during our researches.

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What happens once an order is placed?

Once you have submitted your order, you are forwarded to the billing page where you settle your invoice with your selected payment method. Once payment is complete, you will receive our special naming questionnaire. Once youve completed the questionnaire in full, we will start the name search, provided that we have no further questions.

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